169 Pixel Gang

The 1st NFT to TV show.


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About the show

169 Pixel Gang is an adult animated gangster sitcom 100% funded by fans.

It follows the small time crook Charlie, and his gang of misfts as they try and rise to the top of organised crime in the city.

Holders of Season 1 NFTs will get daily token drops they will be able to use to buy items from the show shop like – tickets to meet the writers, live screenings, merch and more. 


Charlie is the leader of the 169 Pixel Gang. He was raised by his single parent, Anastasia, and lives on one of the poorest neighborhoods in the city. With a deep hatred to his estranged father, Charlie wants to prove to himself that he can be more powerful than his father, to provide for his mother and create the gang as the family he always wanted.


Charlie’s beautiful and seductive mother who was the former mistress of a Russian mafia boss. She she spent years absorbing the culture of gangster life but when she fell pregnant with Charlie, she was forced into exile and moved to America as a waitress. Even though her luxurious life is gone, Anastasia tries to be a loving mother, so she is dedicated to enabling Charlies’ success and happiness, and will support him in anything he does.


A psychopathic gay person, who also goes by the name Jasmine when seen in drag. Jamal met Charlie while working at The 69, the gangs nightclub. He is described by his peers as charismatic, funny, and charming. But rumor has it that he cuts off the genitals of his enemies and eat them. The gang have seen him acting strange around dead bodies that sometimes they starts to question themselves, “Is Jamal crazy?”


A Vietnamese girl who aced her way through school and college in America. Dep has a deep cynicism for everything mainstream, and finds the idea of helping Charlie create the greatest gang of all time more enticing than Wall Street. Dep is serious, attractive, witty and isn’t concerned about what others think of her. She is not afraid to speak her mind. She takes her role in the gang very seriously – as a public relations officer and as the right-hand person of Charlie


The twin brother of Dep, Minh does whatever his sister wants him to do and he’s happy doing it. Minh is a wiz at creating profitable opportunities for the gang, and takes the role of business manager. Minh is quiet and introverted but has a thing for beautiful women. So it’s not surprising that Minh is obsessed with Charlie’s mom.


A former marine and state wrestling champ, Brick is the muscle of the group. He doesn’t trouble himself with understanding how the world works, and resolves most problems with his fists. Brick has known Charlie since they were kids, and would always follow him into any situation. He’s a simple guy who likes fast food, the gym and his little dog Peewee.

About the NFTs

Trait Rarity

Common 74%

Rare 25%

Legendary <1%

Mint Price = 1 SOL




Early September 

  • Launch of the 169 discord channel
  • Announcement of the roadmap
  • Launch of the YouTube channel and beginning of project updates by the 169 founder

Late September

  • Announcement of the first 6 characters in the show, and a short bio of the backstory and characteristics
  • Releasing more information about the show and a synopsis of what the TV show will be about

4th October

4pm UTC Presale – to be eligible for the presale event check our discord

5th October 

  • 4pm UTC Public sale of Season 1 characters
  • Available to buy and sell the 169 Gang on Solana marketplaces


Q4 2021

  • Launch the first 169 Pixel Gang short.
  • Begin writing the script for the pilot episode of 169 Pixel Gang.
  • Begin production of the pilot episode.


Q1 2022

  • Release the official trailer for the pilot episode to Season 1 NFT holders

Q2 2022

  • Finish production on the pilot episode.
  • Launch a live screening event token for holders of Season 1 characters.
  • Begin pitching the pilot to major networks and platforms.

Q3 2022

  • Begin production on the rest of the episodes for Season 1
  • Continue to have live events for Season 1 holders.

Q4 2022 and 2023

  • Launch Season 1 of the 169 Pixel Gang TV show
  • Launch the season 2 NFT sale.